Washington DC.  Florence, Italy.  Barcelona, Spain.


"quando i critici dissentono, l'artista
è in accordo con se stesso...
" -Oscar Wilde

Marta Staudinger grew up in Washington DC and discovered her own methods of self-therapy and meditation through collage-making and tracing when she was 8 years old. While completing her Masters Degree in Curatorial Studies in Barcelona, Spain she realized that those early methods were the initial reactions to her intuitive understanding of her own creative self and natural ease as a post-production artist.  A believer in all things coming full circle in their own time, Marta began to face her own issues with stress and anxiety while chasing prestige in rapid art market currents, planning art history lectures and exhibitions. She realized that while her academic training was valuable and informative, the awareness of the self and basic human intuition was often disconnected between the artist and curator. 

In a search to remain self-authentic, compassionate, loving and productive, Marta has recreated how communities and artists grow together, while simultaneously appreciating art and media trends. The fluid nature of working with artists and curating exhibitions has always been easy for her as she loves finding artistic ways to display concepts and objects… she enjoys getting her hands dirty and will often dive right in to new projects.

The fusion of elements from different cultures in art and exhibitions is very important to Marta as a result of her own personal life and inspirations. As a curator, she works with artists that have inspired her over the years in the many places she’s called home or traveled to. As an artist, she seeks inner mediation through creation. As an art critic, Marta remains true to her inner aesthetic "gut-feeling", and as an art historian she is an ever-curious student. As a yogi, Marta understands the struggle and potential for detachment between the person and the self, and the road to self-recovery and discovery. 

In all aspects, Marta tries to recreate, is inspired by, or is drawn to representations of the most authentic, dramatic, and transparent human emotions and connection to nature. Her heritage and experiences, from America to Austria, Spain, Italy, Brazil and Cuba, have produced a whirlwind of artistic influences that all settle around the release, appreciation and conflict of emotion. 

In 2015, Marta founded the LATELA Art Gallery in Washington DC, where she devotes her time and energy to managing artists, organizing exhibitions and selling contemporary art.

Marta also provides Art History lectures for Smithsonian Journeys in Italy, Portugal & Spain a few times a year.