4 Years Old: Latela Curatorial

On 11/7/15, the Latela Art Gallery opened its doors to the public with an inaugural exhibition.

This is me just *two days before* when I got the keys. I mounted our first exhibition with the help of friends & family and we only got the wall labels on about 20 minutes to the start of the show. In some senses, not much has changed as there’s still a lot of help from community <3

It makes sense tonight is a #NewMoon. This has been a beautiful moment to reflect on accomplishments and plant seeds for the future (btw there are 3 more spots in our #NewMoonCircle tonight with @cirossy ! Just sayin’...).

So Latela is going on her 4th year & I couldn’t be prouder! I tuned in for an emotional post in the @latelagallery stories just now with a *gracias* + a little hint of some plans for Latela to come in her fourth orbit ✨🌊 Ready to turn over some new leaves & expand this business further. E

qually excited to share with you the next evolution & thank you for being part of this spectacularly unexpected journey thus far! 🙏😘 #latelagallery Tagging some of the many souls who have given their heart to Latela & so many more IG only lets me tag 20 souls. Thank you for believing in my vision & abilities unconditionally ❤️