Fist Pumping the Anti-Hustle Lifestyle

We live in a culture that promotes HUSTLE.

Why? It’s a mirage.

Actual hustling is working yourself to death, “accomplishing” as many things as possible, and rat racing. I find this extremely dangerous in creative careers - we NEED down time.

Experimentation. Fuck ups. Changes of mind.

There has to be balance of room for all of that too. After deep reflection in Aries New Moon meditation, journaling & yoga nidra, I’ve decided the fire force I’m going to bring into this year is PLAY.

I hope to continue to spread the promotion of lighter spirits, self-reflection, intuition, healing & investment - particularly as it relates to the value of artists’ work & design/curatorial processes.

Let’s do a few very meaningful projects rather than struggle to swallow them all.

My intention is NOT to hustle, I’ll be over here taking my time & working intentionally.

Thank you Whole Human Alchemy & Consulting @kathryn.cornelius for the beautiful moon ritual, preparation into Aries Season & yoga nidra that specifically led me to rediscover play.

Photo of me by   Donnie Gerald

Photo of me by Donnie Gerald