Exploring Feeling: the Artist-Gallerist Relationship

Exploring synergies btw romance/sexual relationships and artist-gallerist relationship.

More to come ~ the position of the awake mujer in business, society, universe:
“I was in a trance
Playing the game by chance
Falling for strange romance
In a stranger land
With a stranger man
Living life night and day
Giving my own
Giving it all away
Thinking that I could eventually take 
What is rightfully mine
But the truth is I’m fine
I was wasting my time
They wana cage me 
And raise me to fight
And now I see what they try
And you know I’m not gonna bite
Never gona take it now that I’m awaken I’ma light it up
Is it tasty? Is it tasty?
That’s tasty.”

@_fielded_ Musings + lyrical mind mappings 🌊 Thank you @rfasman for the music inspo

// So much female dialogue for us all to explore right now. #Fielded “tells the story of a woman finding her liberation thru the embodiment of consent... exploring shame and isolation as well as desire, curiosity & strength”. I cannot yet verbalize how this album has clarified a synergy for me as a tale of a space holder and “art gallery owner” playing by preset rules of art-world and DC place-making (or lack of understanding there of) how my personal artist & curatorial practice is finding its voice, strength & liberation. Is that tasty? To be determined.

Dialogue needs to take place:  #whatispratice #whatiscategorization#whatarerules #artistrunspaces#whatisanartgallery

Photo by    Leah Beilhart

Photo by Leah Beilhart