The Artist Practice is a Meditation Practice

new moon + mercury retrograde + ash wednesday 🌊

no matter your religious faiths, the orbit of planets & cycles of the moon are beyond our control. we all need to be taking it slow & easy... moving like water exactly as #pisces requests. No forcing, no hash decisions. Only observations. Listening. Moving. Feeling. Give yourself the excuse that you literally cannot be in control right now. And find peace there. Maybe even re-evaluate + set new intentions (either in line with the #newmoon or #ashwednesday #lent )
I hope you gift yourself at least 5 minutes of stillness & breath today. Take a walk outside, dance alone in your room, or sit with your eyes closed just observing your thoughts as they jump from cloud to cloud. -
You can also join @latelacuratorial’s #mooncircle tomorrow 7-9pm with @cirossy & yours truly 🌊 link in bio 📸 @leahbeilhart

Practicing meditation thru art regularly on this extended trip of city hopping, intense amounts of art history facts flooding thru my brain & extensive site visiting. Every morning I’m holding myself to practice meditation & pranayama + to create a quick version of #Enso painting. I know I know, these “Enso” sketches aren’t “traditional” but they’re accurate in that they’re from an exact stroke (or in this case a very passionate hand of a few strokes) just post-meditation and they’re in the diluted bronze color that accompanies one of the series I began sketching in before this trip that I intend to explore more upon my return. I practiced a few of this before departing - you can find those first dashes at @steadfastsupplydc or @latelagallery! More to come on this... #ensopainting#mykindaenso #meditation #pranayama

Photo by    Leah Beilhart

Photo by Leah Beilhart