Burning Canvas

I have pondered a lot lately about the use of space + interpretation of materials in the artist practice. During my past 2 month trip, I carried some blank canvas & my painting smock around to allow them the space to experience travel, moments of reflection & brainstorming, as well as stillness with me. I photographed them in different spaces & documented some of our time together.

Today I am in California specifically at a beach with bon fire pits, as I also have packed some old canvases and scraps that I feel no longer serve me which I will burn tonight. Contemplating this burning ceremony has been rather exhilarating for me as I have been feeling the need to get rid of things and shed layers to start a new chapter with my creative work. I don’t like old work hanging around in my studio mainly because I feel visually and energetically distracted by it.

I am interested to “clean out” thru purpose & ceremony. To reincarnate that which used to serve me to make space for a new. For me, not everything “makes the cut” to be shown, shared or sold. Also, what makes the cut one year may not years later upon further reflection. I find this constant process of evaluation most interesting. The continued status change of a created work of art from the view of its creator. Still making sense... This dialogue has just begun...