But Why? Emotions with Michelangelo's Infamous David

I can’t tell you how many people I’ve shared the story of Michelangelo’s infamous David to. I can’t explain to you why I fell so hard in love with the Italian Renaissance in my sophomore year of college and decided to add another major to my already double major & take summer classes to complete my degrees in time because I finally found a *joy* in learning. I can’t tell you what came over me when I moved at the age of 20 to a country I barely knew to learn the language and work in it’s museums. I also can’t really tell you why I decided to move away from Italy. And I definitely have no idea how @smithsonian found me but I am grateful every day for the opportunity to lecture with their traveling audience around Europe as an art historian. What I can tell you is that as we toured the Academia today, a woman from my group came up to me with tears in her eyes explaining how magnificent this work was. She was crying. And I cried too. I cried because she was right. And so many before us were right. I cried because she expressed to me how much more she appreciated this piece due to my lecture on it. And I cried because I truly do not think there is any grander satisfaction than the appreciation of art. This. Is. Every. Reason. Why. I have worked so hard all these years. I wish we were still in the Academia tearing together over Il Gigante. 🖤 #michelangelo#traveldeep #florenceitaly🇮🇹