Catch & Release: An Art + Spirit Practice

This morning in addition to my regular meditation practice, I decided to take advantage of my time at the beach & include nature's elements + my art in the practice of creating space for the Self.

At sunrise, I took some of my sketches on paper & painting mock ups down with me to the beach.

I photographed mock ups sitting in the sand & documented them as they took flight with the wind.

I also photographed the sketches on paper as they changed direction frequently, whisked away by the tides. Even though the winds & tides were strong at times, I didn't lose anything to land or sea (litter).

In the moment I realized this was a practice of catch & release.

Release: Allowing the very evidence of my brainstormings to take flight. To be controlled by nature. To mix with her uncontrollable powers & directions. To become undone or imperfect, now wet & covered by sand. The works on paper, although on heavy watercolor paper, are now slightly distorted.

Catch: My participation in continuously going after my subjects to retrieve them once again from nature. Never allowing them to stray too far, like children venturing out into the rip tides. The choice to keep going back to collect them. Seek them. Guardian them.

Neither of these subjects are important to me as in "final products" I created and then allowed to reshape in collaboration with nature. I wish they had been. But mock ups and sketches in my practice are just as important conceptually. They represent the truest format of trial & error, and thus serve appropriately to trial & error what may become a new series. A new dialogue has surfaced.

Virgo New Moon is Friday. I'll be on my way back to DC for the @latelacuratorial x @eaton.dc. moon circle at 7pm (link in bio; me & @cirossy are leading) but before I get in my car, I'll be doing the same with two unstretched canvases I've got in my trunk. Not sure how they'll dry on the drive... stay tuned.

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