Time Away to Contemplate the Creative Process...

Yesterday I did my first #fridayintroductions post on Instagram. I am starting to understand how much of a tool this platform is for promoting not just my work but promoting the ideas of process and idol time that I hope to share louder since a lot of what I see on this platform is about rapid production. It is a bit vulnerable to share personal elements about life and my intimate creative practices as an artist, curator and business woman… especially because I am a private and introverted person. However, all of this takes part of a larger message: promoting artwork as a delicate practice rather than a product.

I’m actually glad I shared and opened up. So many souls responded to my post: how lovely it was to spend my wind down day after lecturing the past week sipping coffee & reading about each person engaging on Instagram and introducing their artwork in return. I am even more inspired by the responses: so many artists who are following their creative destinies! I love hearing all of the various stories out there & believe if we all keep vocalizing where we are in our process then we realize we’re not alone!

Following your creative intuition is such a beautiful way to live but also requires courage & from my experience that can come with a big ole bag of insecurity, perfectionism + anxiety.

It’s like, once you make that decision to change your life’s purpose, who you are & what you can create/communicate through those mediums is crystal clear. It becomes a part of your identity & you just want to flip that switch tomorrow. I know, been there.

No one that ambitious wants to hear ‘hey, just be patient’. But it’s true!

There’s still so much vetting & layers to peel before you’re actually on that solid ground to feel confident in that artistic voice.

So question for you creatives: do you practice wabi sabi? What’s your process or dialogue with yourself once you’ve created a work or a series?

It could be a painting, sculpture, exhibition, dance routine, poem, etc…. I have to be honest, if I love it, I share it. If I hate it, I throw it away or paint over it.

I find it very hard to ‘work through it’.

Do you sit on it & get back to it later? Keep pushing through? Say it’s finished & exhibit it anyway b/c that’s a part of your overall process too? Do you see beauty & acceptance in it even if you don’t like it? Or do you hide it from the world?

This question makes me think about the Woody Allen film Vicky Cristina Barcelona: Javier Bardem‘s character’s dad writes poetry but hides these beautiful works from the world purposely…

I’m curious - anyone out there who doesn’t feel their work is worth public visibility? Ahhh if I told you I think about all of these questions daily would you call me crazy?

If I’m not paying attention to the line in front of me at the grocery store this is very discussion is probably among my thoughts.

Photo by    Leah Beilhart    of some of my unfinished paintings sitting in my studio while I am in Barcelona lecturing for Smithsonian.

Photo by Leah Beilhart of some of my unfinished paintings sitting in my studio while I am in Barcelona lecturing for Smithsonian.