A Course for Emerging Artist & Curators

I receive multiple inquiries a week about artist & curatorial mentorship. I have been thinking about how to respond to these inquiries for quite some time: to provide advice of value to multiple points of emerging creative interest. Such has required much research on my behalf of what tools that already exist.

We are currently living in such an interesting time, that is changing rapidly. With the presence of Instagram: the traditional commercial art gallery, art dealer, and art consultant models are changing. As technology expands, replicated art is becoming more ‘acceptable’ - in some instances preferred. And as blogging and Pinterest-ing become more of an art, everything now can be “curated”. So what advice can I possibly give that can predict something that will continue to change over the course of the next year?

I mean, I’ve been there. You learn some strategy: how to “curate” your social media feed, strategize what type of content you’ll provide to market yourself, etc…. and then trends change. And you need to start all over again.

Or as you’re getting started: everyone you know has an opinion (it’s call business-splaining… and still usually comes from men). It’s a truth that individuals who operate from the creative side of their brain have a harder time shutting out noise, prioritizing and moving forward on a few important projects. I think the most difficult lesson for me to learn was prioritization: you just simply cannot do everything and be everything. There is a difference in the art field in that you can merge (for examples artists are also teachers and collective organizers, or curators are also art historians, critics and professors). But building that divide takes time and it’s important to weave your interests together in a way that they work together rather than overwhelm you + make sense to other people + cross-promote your other assets.

In response, I have designed two workshops (which will be manifested through Latela Curatorial) entitled ‘Business How-To’s & Marketing Strategies for Artists + Curators’ & ‘Proposals & Contracts for Artists + Curators’.

Business How-To’s & Marketing Strategies for Artists + Curators

In this workshop we cover: how to build your creative portfolio, identifying & understanding your audience, marketing your artwork, determining price/worth, assessing the pros and cons (& confidence + monetary factors) of where you stand between hobbyist and full-time creative professional, and implementing essential marketing strategies to cut your logistical time in half so you may work smarter. This workshop is ideal for emerging artists & curators, and also appropriate for anyone who is in the first 3-4 years of a creative career, contemplating rebranding or contemplating making their passion project a full-time lifestyle.

Our aim is for you to leave this workshop with action steps to increase your client volume and feel confident with the business reality of your creative life.

Proposals & Contracts for Artists + Curators

In this workshop we cover: how to vision board & understand what kind of art opportunities you want (corporate clients, murals, gallery exhibitions, a combination, etc.), key points in cataloguing/inventory practices that are necessary for proposals and submitting artwork, creating an artist catalogue to show your work to potential clients at the click of a button, key points in proposals (for corporate projects, murals, and exhibitions), key points to contracts (for corporate projects, murals, and exhibitions), and key points to getting into galleries & the bloody truths about gallery representation. This workshop is ideal for all levels of artist, curator & creative professionals.

Our aim is for you to leave this workshop with templates + action steps to begin working smarter, protect yourself with contracts & propose to the right potential partners and clients.

Latela Curatorial hopes to host at least one workshop monthly. Workshops will be held by myself and Meghan Masius. Please refer to Latela Curatorial’s Calendar for the workshop schedule.

We hope you can join us at a workshop!

For those not able to attend a workshop, check out our other Artists Services as well as our 1-on-1 Consultations which may also be conducted via Skype.