Latela Curatorial Apprenticeship Course... In Progress

One of my favorite professional building experiences was working as a Graduate Intern at the @fundacioantonitapies in 2012. (Artwork by Antoni pictured). I spent a total of five years of my life working in museums in Italy and Spain building my curatorial CV. Most of that work was unpaid, in some cases I even had to pay my own insurance to be able to be there & handle artwork. I worked side jobs in bars until 2am to fund my life to get up and be in the museums at 9am. I handled, catalogued & curated some of the most precious artwork that exists today. Ancient & contemporary collections. The experience was invaluable & I still find myself building on those connections. It is what lead me to work in places like @ngadc & lecture as an art historian for @smithsonian. It also gave me the contacts, behinds the scenes knowledge & work ethic grit to build @latelacuratorial. I also believe all of my art handling knowledge has provided me with an interesting perspective as an academic into my own artist practice. This art life is a constant practice of growth & learning. It never stops. I am proud that @latelacuratorial has provided so many people, especially women, the chance to catapult their careers: whether as emerging artists or curators. To expand on the offerings we provide we are opening a Curatorial Apprenticeship Program very soon. This will be a training course that teaches all that is not taught in a MA program for behind the scenes art handling, curating, promoting & working with live artists. Open to anyone who is interested to freelance with us for installs or special projects on the side, or looking to eventually build their own #curatorial career or who knows, even open an art gallery. More to come soon. I am very excited about this offering & we are working hard to cover everything in the syllabus! What would you want to learn about art professions’ behind the scenes skill building in a course like this? #curatorial