Desire Mapping in the Arts --> Introducing 'The Artist Course: Being & Business'

“Knowing how you actually want to feel is the most potent form of clarity that you can have.” – Danielle LaPorte @daniellelaporte (The Desire Map)

I’m at the beach this week retreating to tune into my Desire Map & finish strong thru @benshen.course. A full month of meditations, radical readings to tune into feminine power, building my personal Aura & listening with intention to my intuition.

I feel fully in my power. Floating. All knowing, without saying. Provocatively chill about what may or may not happen next in my life, art & business.

This internal practice, while trialing new painting materials, writing & studying the masters who inspire me is what I want to feel every day: Purpose for artistic growth & curiosity for continuous study. This practices gives me the permission to tune into such.

Artists & creatives listen up: You can achieve this state of purpose in your creative voice too! @meghanmasius & I have curated a course that includes art/creative business info including marketing, presenting your work, artist statements, proposals for client work, etc COUPLED WITH journaling, coaching, accountability & exercises to tap DEEPER into your true artistic voice.

Course starts November via @latelacuratorial, DM me with any questions.