El Poble Nou

I took a ride through my old neighborhood in Barcelona & confess things got emotional for a few seconds.

In the living room of that apartment I sat in on multiple conversations in Spanish I didn’t understand and felt I couldn’t properly express myself in.

That bedroom I slept in is where I developed insomnia.

This home during the course of my Master’s program was also the home of anxiety, self-doubt, and home-sickness (from Italy thou, not the States).

However, this home also was where I learned Spanish, shed many layers of skin & had many beautiful personal breakthroughs.

My roommate Fidel Iranzo is now my brother. Here, multiple friends visited us & we’d spend our nights partying on this balcony.

It was also on this balcony that we were able to wake up to the sight, sound & smell of the Mediterranean sea.

I’ll never forget this apartment from the neighbors under us who’d complain when we hosted parties to the quiet mornings doing homework on the balcony listening to the sea.

Como lo pasamos super bien, Fidel.

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