Female artists: are you dumbing down your vulnerability to shield yourself?

Female artists: are you dumbing down your vulnerability to shield yourself?

A discussion about female artists setting boundaries on platforms such as Instagram that provide constant accessibility from potentially unwanted solicitations. Ladies, what do you do to protect your vulnerability?


Gilded & delicate ~ mood via @taracarbonara ~ in speaking more about female vulnerability from yesterday’s vlog, so many women have written me privately sharing stories of discomfort when expressing their Self sensually or delicately in a creative manner on this platform. I find this interesting & am listening and observing. Female artists from even 20 years ago didn’t have this added element of accessibility. They were able to cocoon in their studios, tucked away from their public(s), only seen via appointment or when their behind the scenes content was shared in their next exhibition or via another photographers’ behind the scenes work - usually years later. But we are sharing vulnerability, feeling, musings transparently in the moment and in a way very much so naked to public(s) we may not even understand. This is the shift of social mediaism. Example: a female artist poses in front of her work & posts that photo. Most comments are about her dress & how pretty she looks. What about the art????? #femalepainter #womenartists#5womenartists #forbeswomen

I too am still trying to make sense of my vlog ramble the other day. I appreciate the commentary & open discussion. Thanks to probing questions, here is where I stand:

I am interested to explore sensual content as existing on its own v. appropriated into someone else's assumed (flirtatious) invitation slash negation of artistic professionalism. -

I won’t allow myself to be shamed for putting out sensual artistic content that is true to myself and process. I especially do not accept it as a responsibly or blame for unwanted male trolling. And I encourage other women to stand up and do the same. -

Women should be able to explore further connectivity with our sensual energies freely. We should allow ourselves high walls of spectator accessibility boundaries on platforms such as Instagram without being called bitches or teases. And when our creative work is in question, such conversation should continue to orbit around the merit of our work and not how pretty we look in front of it. -

All that said, I do want you to think it’s cool content so why should I give a fuck how you interpret it? #hypocracy#maybe #ourrules #womenartists 📷 @leahbeilhart