The Four Seasons of Simafra

I’m currently on hiatus in Florence, Italy after lecturing for Smithsonian on another trip…

Simafra Prosperi is an artist I reference quite frequently, as he taught me much of what I know today re: contemporary painting, artist studio practices and also expanded my critical thinking greatly around arts entrepreneurship. Much of what I learned from Simafra also inspired by decision to shift my professional focus to more practical and contemporary art world projects.

Simafra currently has an exhibition on display in Pietrasanta, a small city approximately 1.5 hours driving or train from Florence. Pietrasanta is an important scene for contemporary art in Italy. Here are some images from Simafra’s show, titled Four Seasons.

The show very much speaks about the evolution and nature’s cyclical work as seasons churn over but he connects this narrative to his own childhood, relationship with his parents and reflections on becoming a parent himself. Today's discovery left me impressed and pensive: this will take awhile to digest.