Hands up, flowing with growth & new partnerships

Four years ago I opened an art gallery with two soul intentions: to curate exhibitions (mainly of local artists) + open up space for the community to take part in meditative-type activities and connect such energy purification with our curatorial voice & programming.

It was hard. Everything was so fucking hard. People told me all the time that I was over-saturating my market because art & energy where two things that couldn’t be combined. Business coaches told me to pick one. “Be super good at one thing.” -

I kept to my truth. Every new & full moon I hosted space. I soon found @cirossy who graciously believed in me & manifested with me. No one came. Ever. Month after month we sat, and breathed & set intentions. Month after month no one came. Then two people came, then four. Then all four got their fill for next months & we were back to no one. But we still held the space.

Fast forward to this past year: we’ve sadly had to turn away souls who wanted to hold space because we hit capacity at @latelacuratorial ’s space (10 ppl max). Multiple times the opportunity came to host elsewhere, but it was never the right fit.

When @eaton.dc approached us to partner in their beautiful space I was filled with fear: what if we can’t get people to come out? What if people like the intimacy of the gallery & we lose our audience making this transition? I decided we wouldn’t grow in fear... -

We inaugurated our first #mooncircle at @eaton.dc dc last Friday night with 20 humans! I cannot express the gratitude + love I feel. But even more, let this be an illustration of how powerful regular manifestation is: this shit is real. Believe in your truth. As Picasso says “Everything you can imagine is real”