Answering Questions: What about Art Collecting Sparks Hesitation for you?

Not sure what it means?

1) ASK!

2) If you like it, who cares?

Not sure what art fits your space best for a statement piece?

Ask an art consultant for a second opinion!

Cannot decide as a couple what you BOTH love?

Again, ask an art consultant! We have a magic way of getting to the bottom of streamlining what you both want to nest with & grow with together.

To frame or not to frame…

Depends! And then the question is… how to frame your art! Let’s work together on telling a unique story with what you’ve already collected! (Mass produced posters welcomed in this discussion)!

Responding to some of your comments to my question about art collecting hesitation:

“Hmmm. I don’t know much about collecting”

“I don’t feel confident providing a vision for a commissioned piece but want custom art”

“Would like to meet the artist”

Scenario A: You fall in love with a work of art & you want it for yourself. If you’d like to know more about that work or the artist’s process, don’t be shy to ask the artist to explain!

Scenario B: Ask an art consultant you feel you can trust to help you find a good fit for you! Art consultants can visit your home, listen to your interests, observe what you’ve already invested in (furniture, family heirlooms, etc) & match art selection to your interior + budget!

Concerns on location:

“Not knowing how/where to hang/display things”

An initial consultation with an art consultant gets to the bottom of this: What are you looking for, where do you want to hang work in your home & setting budget expectations. This is usually a conversation with lots of options on the table. There is always a solution…

Concerns on cost:

“I’m afraid it’s super expensive”

“The cost. Feels inaccessible where I’m at now. Maybe someday!”

“Not sure if I will be overcharged?”

You never know until you ask!

Part of asking about price point for artwork is understanding: how the work is made, what the expenses of materials used are, and the expertise in techniques applied.

Not all art needs to be a heavy investment! But for large statement pieces, ask yourself: what would you pay for a couch or a dining table? Why would the main piece that brings your room together and brings you joy be any different?

Working with an art consultant you can trust is key. Budgeting and payment plans are usually an option.

ALSO: Nothing feels better than supporting someone who is an expert in their craft! PLUS! When you buy local, 85% of that remains in the local economy!

Example: In 2018 I spent over $1,500 at the local coffee shop and small business owned restaurant closest to my studio. Because I am in my studio regularly working and having appointments with people. The money I earn through my creative business goes right back into my community for food, to hire photographers, graphic designers, etc.

Art as investment!

Everything you buy for your home appreciates in value if it is of value to you.

Investing in the energy of the places we go to restore and live intimately has eternal value to our well being and state of mind.

The more an artist’s career grows, the stronger each investment of that artist’s work grows in value.

“If I have a low budget does that mean I can’t start collecting art until I’m wealthy or paid off student loan?”

Not at all, but it does mean you need to prioritize. An art collection doesn’t grow over night, it is cultivated over time. So don’t think of it as buying all the art you’ll ever love all at once!

If you’re settling into a new home and want to prioritize covering a few major blank walls, then that’s usually a healthy starting point. The rest of your collection can accumulate over time from personal experiences & maybe with the help of a little art matching to augment your collection (think: completing a gallery wall or book shelf “look”)…

That is also why Latela Curatorial provides payment plans at ZERO% interest!

“Artists need to be paid well for their work, but not sure as a consumer how to navigate cost”...

I know… it’s scary uncharted territory. The more you get comfortable looking at art up close in person and ASKING about how it was made, the more you will sharpen your taste-confidence (knowledge of what you like or want to specifically collect) and knowledge on pricepoints.

An art consultant you feel you can trust can always help you with this process! Every work of art is made differently and so much goes into price: materials, process, artist career, artist value, size, etc. Also, many artists do not know how to price their work. I come across artists all the time who are either underselling just to sell or overselling. Both scenarios make it harder for unseasoned art enthusiasts to navigate healthy price points.

“How do I find the right art consultant? What should I expect? How to ascertain value?”

We are art consultants at Latela Curatorial.

You can also google art consultants in your area, ask an interior designer, or ask an art gallery. Most galleries provide a consultancy service or can connect you to someone they’ve worked with before.

You can expect an hourly fee just like when working with an interior designer. We meet with you in your home, listen to your art interests/needs and then propose some options for you. You can always decide not to buy the art selected or keep vetting through more options, but the time it takes to custom suggest & answer questions is a value of our expertise.

ALSO: Just like anything else, brand matters! How does the art consultant or gallery make you feel? Trust that instinct! This is a partnership and to find something you want to live with forever! I streamlined the meditative & mindfulness approach with Latela Curatorial from the beginning so that individuals would feel safe, welcomed and not judged to ask questions about art and discuss their budgets.

“How do I care for the pieces I collect? Do I dust them? Insurance?”

When you buy art through an art consultant you receive a Bill of Sale with information on care. Instructions and delicate information depends on the art & how it’s made. It is recommended you insure art as all valuables in your home through your home insurance.

If you buy straight from the artist, ask all about care. For example: there are ways to UV Protect from sunlight on paintings, sculpture, with framing for work on paper, etc.

“I have a variety of mediums + styles I value. How do I combine at home or work?”

Great question and so much of this answer depends on what your space looks like + budget. Again, the prioritizing. You may find after placing art on the one main wall you want filled that you can combine multiple styles on a smaller scale such as in a gallery wall.

Different styles and aesthetics can also be related to different rooms. The art you choose to put in your office may not be a style that makes sense for your bedroom, entryway, bathroom or kitchen.

“The judgement that comes from others about what you appreciate/like…”

I don’t think I’ve ever typed this before but YOLO! Please always do what YOU love for your intimate living spaces. People will appreciate your decisions if you truly love them and are happy with them.