Humans don't like Cages

On March 19th at approximately 11:30am, Katharina Galla and I wandered around Williamsburg, Brooklyn and found these factory cages.


Katharina and I connected two weeks ago during a life changing experience. We participated in a 10 day intensive yoga training at the Dharma Yoga Center in New York. 

Sri Dharma Mittra, the Guru of Dharma Yoga, says that yoga is not just about the asana or the physical practice.. but rather, it's about self-realization. To become self-realized or enlightened, there is one major ingredient: compassion. That is why Sri Dharma Mittra encourages students to practice veganism

Compassion stems from our ability to see ourselves in others. 

We need to find compassion towards the rude person on the metro, towards the daily incompetence we deal with at work, and towards the dead animal that wound up on your plate. 

“Animals are our inferior brothers and sisters. They are not meant to be eaten, but must be treated with love.” -Sri Dharma Mittra

Once we realize that we are no different, bigger nor better, than any other living soul in this universe and we treat all other living creatures with the same equal compassion... 
...only then will we reach self-realization and enlightenment. 


When we see a live animal, we do not want it to suffer. The "natural" human reaction is love in the presence of another living creature. 
But we have lost that over time as we've become accustomed to the removal of the animals in our lives and in the world that we relate to in one way or another. 
We humans have become accustomed to not caring to know about the history of our food and just consume. 

“All living beings fear violence.” -Sri Dharma Mittra


As humans, we do not like to feel trapped in any situation. 
We have become proud of our independence and ability to be self sustaining (we think) and be "free". 



...and when we feel caged, many of us are lucky to have the ability to escape or create alternate routes


For our own spirits, we should feed our eager-to-be-enlightened bodies with food that is  a l i v e . 
Food that is free and comes from compassion will fuel our souls with positivity, love and happiness. Food that is dead and has suffered physical and emotional violence will fill our bodies with negativity, hatred and fear.

“If you eat dead, toasted, fried or frozen food, you will feel dead, toasted, fried and frozen.” -Sri Dharma Mittra


Yoga goes beyond the physical and teaches us humans to come back to our basic spirituality and connection with our souls. 

Take the time to appreciate the air and water around you. 
Learn to see energy in colors and currents. 
Appreciate and yearn for more green in your life. 
And practice compassion, to everyone and everything. 


Love is infinite.
May all beings enjoy this practice.
May all living creatures be  h a p p y  and  f r e e .