An Obsession with Concrete...

So I was in Parc Güell for the umpteenth time daydreaming about lunch and I looked down at the concrete. Are you also a dork who takes photographs of decaying walls and imperfect concrete? It makes me go weak!

This is one of the many reasons I love the work of Antoni Tàpies.

It is also on the list of inspiration that I collect for my personal art practice experiments.

I’m over here drooling over this imperfect cement & terracotta wash. Inspo inspo inspo. When I get home I gotta werk werk werk

In a previous post I talk about how awareness of what inspires us artistically is a very important part of the creative process.

Besides our art ancestors that make up our genealogical trees (which requires much research and study of history)... there is also a list of elements that go into what visually compels us to get inspired and create.

For me, some of those elements are:

  • Pastel colors. See Nicolas Party, this Terracotta Madonna or colors from my travels. I call this color porn.

  • Nature. Idol time and simple creations are important to simplifying the artistic process, in my opinion. Relationship with idol time clarifies a lot. Sitting with nature helps us ground (root chakra) and connect deeper to the universe.

  • Imperfect Concrete. I mean, the texture…. droooool.

  • Aged Walls. Or what I call wall porn. I see this the most in Europe when I travel. Decayed walls with peeling layers of paint and various stains really captivate me and I try to reinterpret this aging texture in some of my work.