Leaning In: Learning Vulnerability

Photo by    Leah Beilhart

Photo by Leah Beilhart

IN PROGRESS: In my growth I am learning to open up & become even more vulnerable + further connect my love for painting, curating, breath & movement as elements represented in every thing I manifest.

I have been wanting to express this fervent side of myself for years & couldn’t quite figure out how to create the “right content”. I personally view my practice as this ever-evolving relationship between my movement & breath, the sketches & research I navigate through, idol time, and the work I create. Communicating all of that, not just the work as a final product, is a true test of patience and creativity...

After speaking with many artists about this inability to express my “artistic formulas”, I am realizing that this is something most artists come across. This sparked a problem-solving interest for me: I sought out @leahbeilhart a photographer who inspires me for many reasons but mainly due to her experience bringing women out of their shells in front of the camera. Long story short?

You can now book artist branding photo & videoshoots thru @latelacuratorial which can take place *either* in your own studio OR you can set up a pseudo studio-staging in my studio. So many artists say “I want better content and love my home studio but the location doesn’t fit my brand”. So two problems solved in one! Reach out, we’d love to help you! I can tell you first hand, it feels great to finally be “out there” with genuine & unique content to me and more importantly: to my process. More info via @latelacuratorial📸 @leahbeilhart 

PS: This photo explains how I feel about Tuesday’s #fullmoon orbiting in Virgo (🙌 !!) Soooo ready to build some heat tomorrow night... 🔥