A Life of Thirds...

An Introduction…

Hola, I'm Marta. Not Martha, not Marda. Five years ago I left my full time job at the National Gallery of Art to create my own career path. People thought I was crazy: probably part true. I'm learning to embrace that though… My drive seems to be from a different planet.

I've always desired to be 1/3 curator, 1/3 art historian, and 1/3 fine artist.

I don't believe in choosing, you can have your cake + eat it too if you work hard & believe in patience + investment rather than instant gratification.

For example, I only now feel that I'm finally in that balanced work flow. I travel multiple times a year to lecture for Smithsonian on Art History in Italy and Spain: countries where I have also lived & feel most at home. I own + direct Latela Curatorial in Washington DC where I get to curate (& lead emerging curators to curate) rotating exhibitions. This past year I've finally added the third element to the equation: I am painting regularly & the personal creative inspiration is flowing again!

We artists have droughts sometimes! & that's okay. Actually, my first exhibition in the States is coming up which is pretty dope. What else?

I meditate daily. Very important. Yoga nidra too. & dance alone.

I'm a Virgo & love the summer. I love the heat: humidity does wonders to my wavy hair & I love sweating in my sleep. Preferably with sandy feet. This is a photo of me in Venice taken by the man who sees me in my best light.

Photo by Adrian Vega

Photo by Adrian Vega