What, I am Opening an Art Gallery?

Doubt of whether I am crazy or can make this work creeps into my head on a daily basis. It doesn’t help that some friends meet me with that same hesitation recently. I really am not too sure what I’m doing most of the time, but I trust that I am creating an avenue that can utilize my various skillsets and I know that I have the ambition to at least try + the wit to learn to problem solve along the way.

Read about why I decided to leave my full-time job at the National Gallery of Art to start my own business

The type of non-traditional, commercial art gallery I am hoping to create does not exist. I have read many books that explain gallery management however there is still a lot of advice that only half connects to what I am hoping to create.

It is hard to take steps forward when there is no precedent for what you are building.

It truly takes a village and this is absolutely where the road of perseverance dropped me. I couldn't be where I am today without the moral support. I am honored to include artworks by artists who are dear friends like @marisa_whitesparks and @margreet_s alongside artists like @brandonboyd who have inspired me creatively from day on in the Debut Exhibition inaugurating my art gallery Latela Curatorial.

Cheers to my support systems: the friends, family, and artists who believed in me when these were just mere ideas and thank you @handmadeletters @darcypennell for the beautiful cards of inspiration.

I will absolutely continue to go where the road takes me. That is exactly what this curatorial journey slash artistic project is all about.