Swatching for Translucency...

Balancing my client work between art commissions can sometimes be tough but I think I’ve found a sweet spot. For example, today I’m in the studio after a day of client meetings related to other artists’ work and art installs.

I have a few commissions waiting on deck for my own paintings and I’m also working on a series of works for an upcoming exhibition.

I utilize what I call “administrative-time-out” days (but they’re still work days) to color swatch and make progress on where I hope my practice will start to take shape. What I mean in where I hope my practice will start to take shape is how I can manipulate the elements that I recognize I can control like color and translucency. Or better yet, my current artistic formula.

I exercise this before I begin work on a new piece by swatching colors and testing new formulas to make sure I can manipulate the aesthetic I want when I actually start to paint. It’s like a warm up for me, just like manually stretching the canvas. All of these warm ups get me closer to the work and ready to dive in when the actual painting begins.

Managing time is essential. There needs to be idol time in the process to create, experiment and make mistakes but I also am familiar enough with my artistic formula to be able to problem solve in an organized manner, when I want to. I always allow myself a balance with work I create for myself that is open ended, and work I create for commissioned projects that is somewhat determined and has a deadline.

Specifically right now, I’m looking at a week of work to get everything I need done re: administrative work for Latela Curatorial + progress with my own art for commissions and this upcoming exhibition before I am committed to fly back over to Barcelona to turn all of those parts of my brain off and lecture for Smithsonian again.

The countdown is on and I’m looking at 16-hour days between now and until I leave. All of that said, I am very aware of self-care an kick up the meditation, yoga nidra and time to sit in silence with tea as much needed breaks during those types of days.

What do you do to fuel up??