Progress & Process

Progress & process. The two things with the most value that take time, lots of time.

I’ve been trial & error’ing process for where I want to take my artistic practice for the past decade. And only now do I finally feel it’s actually aesthetically moving where I want it to go. This is the hard work, the painting is relatively easy.

These works will debut soon in an exhibition I’m preparing for. I told myself at the beginning of this year that I’d better separate Marta from Latela Curatorial. Then I got sick, then was traveling to lecture for Smithsonian, and then everything narrowed down to this summer where we were hit with more client work than I planned for (good thing) but all of life really tested my plans and boundaries so far this year.

This past month, especially with Leo & retrogrades in orbit, I stood up and decided to say ‘no’ to some art consulting proposals and cancel some meetings - which I hate doing (not following thru with everything on my plate is a cursed goal, I’m practicing self-compassion with that more & more).

But I’m only human with only so many hours in the day & I refuse to live another year working 12+ hrs a day + sacrificing my own painting practice for other people’s projects (first two years growing Latela Curatorial).

There has to be a balance or else I am no good to anyone.

Life work boundaries are so hard when you’re your own boss with so many cool proposals coming your way. It’s a lovely struggle to navigate thru & I’m still down for the ride.