Reincarnation Reflections

Reincarnation has been a ruling theme for me lately. Reincarnation of art, creative brainstormings, inspirational narratives, love, physical body, spirit. Patterns are arising from my childhood creative plays that seem integral in the thought process of my current practices. Writings + intuitions from over a decade ago are proving their truths to me in the now. The physical shedding of skin & evolving into new forms of spirit is present in a few physical bodies close to me. I am grateful these passing moments are graceful. Peaceful. I also recently burned a bunch of old canvases to make room for a new.

This is such a time of observation. Silence. We cannot always be in control, nor should we attempt to guide the universe. That to me, demonstrates the fine line of an artistic practice: You are creator, but you are not a sole creator. So many other universal elements play their part in your process. That realization leads me to so many existential questions, like, "then what is my art?" & "Who really is the author of a painting? Me or a summary of circumstances?" Therefore, am I really a collector & observer? Or an executor & preserver? An archivist of memory, moments & feeling? What is the purpose of this expression and why is it that we only show the expressive moments? I am interested in creating mirrors of the slow moments. The observation period. Moments of vulnerability. Moments of the female intuition. Moments of trust in the universe. Everything is feeling so connective. Anyone else?

I wrote a prediction of our upcoming full moon, which I believe speaks to this a bit too: an equal pull between earth + fire. Which coincidentally makes sense as it links to the reincarnation theme. Give it a read if you'd like. I'm curious whether you're feeling similarly (link in bio). If you are, and you're in DC, consider joining me and @cirossy on Monday at 7pm‬ at @eaton.dc with @latelacuratorial to gather in circle (bio link to sign up). I know I need a release, how about you? This time we'll be adding dance movement + wine.

Music vibes via @rhye ‬ :: auditory ‪muse‬ for observation + stillness musings