The world's a roller coaster & I am not strapped in...

"The world's a rollercoaster & I am not strapped in. Maybe I should hold with care but my hands are busy in the air....."

- Incubus/Brandon Boyd

These past few months have definitely been a rollercoaster opening my own art gallery. I began my brand by taking a lot of risks working with emerging artists in emerging venues. Some good times, inspiring connections but mostly, great lessons learned. It's sad how many artists think their work magically magnetizes to a wall and just "happens" to look good. Or how many venues love the idea of being an "art gallery" but don't care enough about their own business to stay open and try to promote the artist and sell art.

And somewhere along the way, people always forget about the Curator: today's art world's organizer, promoter, artwork hanger, corresponder, project manager, writer, catalog designer, sales person, designer + SO MUCH MORE.

Cheers to all of the curators out there making a difference in the world one unrecognized exhibition at a time. SMH.

I’m looking at my new space as a “my space, my rules” kinda thing and I’m learning how there is an empowerment in putting yourself first in the business world. I’m sure comfort in saying this one day rather than just typing it will come!