Sculptural Paintings in Conversation

I brought my painting smock/slip and an untreated canvas with me on this trip. The textiles that take part in my practice usually never leave the studio and their existence in such practice begins when I'm ready to actually paint. But what about the time before that? The downtime that takes part in the formulation of ideas. The travel, which for me is one of my biggest elements of inspiration. The beautiful interiors where I rest, brainstorm, write, laugh, love and discover?

This conversation began a new understanding + photographic series for me: I'm not just exploring the journeys of the textiles important in my artist practice, but also taking a chance to see them as sculptural elements before they take part in other forms - such as manipulation by my hands, color & texture transformation, and rotating wall/storage display once they are “completed”.

So to continue the conversation, the three of us sat down in this beautiful receiving room to discuss where we've been this past month and where we're traveling to next. Then we lounged by & played in the villa's majestic garden + pool (photos coming soon)...