Seeking Beauty Rather than Disappointment

Today I was unpacking a shipment of new crystals at Latela Curatorial when one of the Moonstone Obelisks slipped out of my hand and onto the floor. I wanted to cry. I posted this photograph on Instagram in my stories and said “oggi mi sta sul cazzo” which in Italian kinda (not literally) translates to “today is pissing me off”.

A friend sent me a link in response that explained the purpose of broken crystals and very quickly I re-evaluated my mood and changed my outlook. Funny how a different perspective can help us shift energy.

The link explained that broken crystals are a representation of energy being healed. I.e. that crystal has served its use and is no longer needed.

From a business perspective, I wasn’t acquiring the crystals for myself and have all intention to sell them out of my art gallery. So my first interpretation was that they weren’t for me and therefore, I’m not a mix in this equation…

But the reality is that what I have created at Latela Curatorial is very much a living being. And maybe she did not need all of these Moonstone Obelisks. Her energy and balance is very much something I feel I need to be attuned to and help cleanse + protect.

If I cannot keep the energy pure in the gallery for those who do acquire pieces that bring job and energy to their homes - crystals and artworks alike - then I am not serving my basic dharma.

This is a glimpse into why I combine healing energy practices/meditations in my art gallery + in my own art practice.

And this is also a great lesson to anyone out there who is also dealing with a broken crystal: maybe it’s meant to be that way. A similar concept to the “mistakes” or “imperfections” that occur in the artist practice. Trusting that imperfection leads to beauty rather than disappointment is probably the grandest lesson art, meditation, and life in general, can teach us.