Seeking Light :: Shedding Skin

When I talk about my meditation practice, the most frequent responses I receive are “I don’t know how to meditate” or “I can’t sit still it make’s me anxious so meditation isn’t for me”.

There are multiple forms of meditation. Sitting still is only one form. One of my favorite ways to give my brain space to NOT THINK (about things like my to do list, for example) is to give myself a few minutes to seek light. Where does it come from? How does the light shine on your skin in different forms? How is that expressed through other senses such as music?

I find myself assigning my brain simple observation assignments to disconnect from pragmatic thinking. Not only is this a healthy form of mediation and time with the self, but it also proves as an open idle time slot that actually fuels my artist practice. Creativity, curiosity and confidence seem to come forward for me after I allow myself this space and time.