Traveling in Europe as an Art Expert for Smithsonian

This morning I arrived to Lisbon, which is starting to feel like my 3rd or 4th home. As normal as this split-lifestyle is for me, people continuously are shocked when I tell them I’m preparing to travel for two months. Well, I guess because it’s not really travel. It’s work, and it’s home…

For you beautiful humans who are new to following along on my journey: I spend a few months every Spring + a few months every Fall in Europe lecturing as a traveling art historian for Smithsonian - mainly in Portugal, Spain & Italy. I invite you to join me on this journey over the next few months as I share art, architecture, culture & more. I plan to share that with personal glimpses as well into how I keep up my other work + meditations/self care practices on the road + making art. I’m thinking lots of video content...

I juggle this responsibility + pleasure with directing the business I started 5 years ago: Latela Curatorial, which will continue in full swing during my absence. My reflections during this past whirlwind of a week kept going back to how grateful I am to have a team of empowered & engaged women to keep #LatelaCuratorial growing.

For #fridayintroductions, I want to introduce you to @meghanmasius who is absolutely a right-hand woman & extraordinaire when it comes to helping artists build their businesses. @cirossy who many of you know has helmed our Meditations & Moon Circles in the gallery since our first year in operation. She is going to be taking a big leap into a partnership we’ve been manifesting for months & I am so excited to see her spread her wings! @hdcriales who is graciously stepping in to be present in the gallery more (stop in & say 👋 hi!) + our curator for a breathtaking exhibition coming up this summer. @leahbeilhart our photographer, videographer, content guru who will also be joining me in Italia in a month & @madlizcreative who is curating a phenomenal collage exhibition for this Fall! It has truly been a dream to create a business where other women can thrive & I am honored these femmes seek that path thru Latela Curatorial!
Photo by @futbolrunner #ladyentrepreneur #arthistorian#curator