A Summer Virgo Meditation

A summer sunrise meditation.

Sit & embrace the rise of the sun. 
Notice pink hues.
Observe where those hues reflect (ground, sand, windows).
Notice warmth.
Notice breath.

Pranayama of choice.

Mantra: ra ma da sa sa say so hung (sun, moon, earth, Infinity, all that is in infinity, I am thee.) This mantra is restorative, simple and absolutely beautiful for personal healing, especially when connecting with nature + orbits beyond our control. Surrender, and only then do you connect to that which controls your inner orbits.

I’ve been deep in personal reflection lately. Needless to say this beach break away was much requested. And much honored. As a summer babe, I usually feel summer rushes by too quickly. Anyone else? I definitely could live in a city where it’s summer all days of the year.

Relishing in every moment this week and will be grasping onto the sun wherever I see her from the end of Summer until the next one! Where are my Virgo’s at? Are you shedding some skin right now too? My guess is if Virgo is in your chart, you are :)

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