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What the DC Creative Economy Needs

Open feedback on what the Washington DC Creative Economy needs.

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Traveling in Europe as an Art Expert for Smithsonian

I spend a few months every Spring + a few months every Fall in Europe lecturing as a traveling art historian for Smithsonian - mainly in Portugal, Spain & Italy. I invite you to join me on this journey over the next few months as I share art, architecture, culture & more. I plan to share that with personal glimpses as well into how I keep up my other work + meditations/self care practices on the road + making art.

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One-on-one Art Viewing Appointments

I relish in one-on-one art viewing appointments. These past few weeks I've had the pleasure to welcome some very interesting individuals into my studio/gallery. Some interested to look more closely at my artwork and processes, and some interested to look at the artists whose artworks I have selected to live amongst & breathe in my curatorial space.

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