To Basel, or not to Basel

Last night we hosted one of the most beautiful moon circles ever at Latela Curatorial.

i admit, i struggled going into this week. my original plan was to go down to miami for #artbasel - something i was initially excited for when i planned the trip months ago. as an art consultant and an artist, i love to discover new artists, galleries, concepts, etc. it's all inspo eye candy heaven. but as i sat last week manifesting my goals + preparing for the potency of this last moon cycle of 2018, i realized that my body & mind were telling me to stop moving around the globe & to sit still a little longer. i take in so many external ideas + energy vibrations from others all day long in my multifaceted art life... plus, I am an ever-curious person by nature. sometimes, those external ideas become too much input and I need more time than I anticipated to process... & man, is the processing of ideas and inspiration such a heavy element in the artist creation practice.

It took a lot of courage for me to sit and admit to myself that I still had a lot of processing to do with ideas sitting on my crown chakra before digesting them down into my greater system to make room for the unforetold new. this was also tough as EGO told me 'i should' be there anyway since it was the 'art-professional' thing to do. Oh, and then there's FOMO. but, the practice is to separate from ego right?

Following that #thirdeye i decided to stay, and sit, and therefore pop into Latela's Sagittarius #newmooncircle ~ @cirossy so graciously invited me close our circle with a 30-min  #nidrameditation which wasn't included in the ticket description but i welcomed her invitation with open arms - it had been since this summer that I'd participated in one of the gallery's #mooncircles.

Last night i met so many beautiful humans. the gallery was filled with such vulnerable yet potent energy at the same time - it was all just so real and raw. & feminine. we honored our 2018 journeys and struggles. and stillness. we planted seeds for our 2019 love movement. and stillness. and we honored our internal flames…

Here is to embracing an equal balance of solid, liquid & air states of being. #soakinginstillness

Photo by    Leah Beilhart

Photo by Leah Beilhart