Some Words on "Value"

Value… A concept that is sometimes difficult to decipher thru a screen.

Many creatives feel a need to 'hustle' to churn out works left & right for the sake of creating new content.

How much time is spent on new content v. deeper conceptual practice?

The push to create rapidly is a pressure our hyper-online world has added to the practice of art. “What is new in your life today? And how is it going to be better tomorrow? And what new will you introduce to the world the next day?”

What about the practice of making mistakes? What about the practice of creating simply to experiment?

Does every sketch, experiment or mistake have a 'sale value'? I think with every business there are absolutely ebbs & flows for the creatives out there trying to live their passion, however:

What price does that come with if you rush?

I love when an artist says 'actually, no, I can't participate right now because I don't have enough new shit that I like'. Because that's totally a thing, and should be regular stage in one's practice.

We are regularly absorbed by what everyone else is doing & want to swallow every opportunity out there. I’m curious, how do you balance that input of information v. creating silence to DO YOU?

Hey Joe Installation at MACBA

Hey Joe Installation at MACBA