Welcoming 2019

A thought on resolutions as another year embraces us:

I hope that resolutions materialize more into quality over quantity: more stillness, reflection, meditation. For artists & creative voices: I encourage you to appreciate the down time & see its vital importance in your practice. I hope all can see that the quest to self knowledge is not a linear journey, but yet circular with constant shedding of skins no longer serving. And i encourage us all to simplify + invest in the energies for our homes: the spaces in which we dream, breathe, nourish & love when you are not walking amongst nature in the open air. The artwork chosen to live in such space is vital to the narratives & energies YOU curate into YOUR personal orbit. Let me help you find that art…

For 2019, I hope that thru my personal platform & Latela Curatorial that humans continue to see the connection between art & meditation thru pauses, process, revision & stillness... & value in such as it's crucial to our lives as humans, to the creative process & knowledge of self + to those appreciating/investing in such creations from pure forms of manifestation... however that may look, translate or transpire.