Women & Radiance

“[...] The sign of a person who is prosperous, he is from dawn to dusk, one who can create a harmonious, creative and clearing atmosphere. Undisturbed mind, unworried personality and flawless character.” - Yogi Bhajan // Part of the first quote from @desiree.pais’ beautiful pyramid of radiance & prosperity she has built for @benshen.course.

This August for me is a month of stepping back + working deeply on my Self, the synergies between my artist practice & my meditation practice, and exploring nudity in the sense of vulnerabilities out in the open. As one who thrives promoting & creating space for others, I am taking this month of rest to open up that space for my own bodies. Givers need to fill up to continue to give. Gratitude for this time & structure. //

Inspo content + created by @veritewoman @michaeladartois //

Very humbled to be going thru this experience of Self aura building with women around the globe. I feel empowered already... #radiantwomen #auracleansing #musings