Working (e)merge Art Fair

My photo of Katie Miller’s painting

My photo of Katie Miller’s painting

I am carefully plotting my next moves to begin my own Art Consultancy + Independent Curatorial business and one of the things I feel I am lacking is familiarity with the local Washington DC art scene. So I volunteered my weekend to work at the (e)merge Art Fair in Washington DC. This art fair is the only fair in Washington DC and curated/organized by Connersmith.

I gained so much experience over this past weekend working in the Connersmith gallery room of the (e)merge Art Fair. The work they exhibited was of Baltimore artist Katie Miller and here is her Girl with Bright Colored Hair. All of these works are hyper-realistic paintings otherwise known as photorealism.

I highly suggest volunteering to people interested to get into the world of art.

I also have shared how I got my first job at the National Gallery of Art through volunteering. Not only do you meet so many people in your field when you volunteer, but you get a chance to see how the public reacts too. It is all these experiences that help us formulate the unique viewpoints we bring to the table in any professional setting.