Curatorial + ADVISORY

Art Collection Consulting/Sourcing

Exhibition CURATION

Art Gallery Project DIRECTION

Arts Entrepreneurship ADVISING

Founder/Director of Latela Curatorial, an art advisory and curatorial service that provides quality art sourcing to art collectors, corporate clients, and interior designers seeking professional guidance in art acquisition, collection management and refinement, exhibition or staging services, and custom art commissions.

With a mission focused on supporting the local arts in Washington DC, cultural exchange, and mindfulness, Latela Curatorial also offers business and professional development services to emerging artists and curators, as well as artist residency and curatorial apprenticeship programs.

Collections Management

Collections Management

New Media Curatorship

Digital Strategies Consulting

Provenance & Archival Practices

Experience working in multiple roles in prestigious museums around the world on collections management and archival projects, most of which include digitization strategies and new media curatorship. Institutions include the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC, the Antoni Tàpies Foundation in Barcelona, Spain, and the National Bargello Museum in Florence, Italy.

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History of Art

Art & Architecture Historian

Smithsonian Representative

European Art World Expert + Liaison

multicultural lifestyle

Lectures on the History of Art & Architecture in Italy, Portugal and Spain multiple times a year as a Smithsonian Expert.

Lives between Italy, Spain and Washington DC.

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