my collage story

A story of my first collages: all one of a kind handcrafted collages gifted to friends

collaging is my main medium. it has been my foremost method of expression and meditation over the last 15 years..
abstract poem narrated in english, italian, spanish (cuban), catalan and portuguese.



... ho delle amiche che mi ispirano così tanto




∆ ∆ ∆ . depression. anti-drug


 > > > yo soy lola. lolita.


"adiós Lolita de mi vida" :::::::::::::::::::::::::: †


.... pero a volte, è difficile


.....salir de mi misma


the lesson that is always the most inspiring…. 
but also the hardest
::: devi andare dove ti porta il cuore ::::


cuando estuve en guatemala.. respiré  [p a z] por la primera vez


every epoca - - teaches you many things..
if you're ready to learn. ««««« most of us .are.not.


but first>>>>>>> you have to ::: OPEN YOUR EYES.


aprender a dançar. [[mesmo se você é terrível]] ..
na verdade, melhor.


aprendre a estimar
estimar el bé.
amb passió


...deixa anar… 


imparare a gusto. a sorridere.


[[play]]. &&ver.


>>>>>dessa forma :: você pode  v o a r


xke. soy lola, lolita


>>>>>>>>pa' un toque de bola