This is Tàpies II

18 x 24 in.

Acrylic on Paper


Decoding the 'Tapies' Series

Who is Antoni Tàpies?

Antoni Tàpies is one of the most popular contemporary Catalan artists. He was connected to Surrealist and Dadaist Movements, and his later works are highly connected to Oriental calligraphy and meditation. The Antoni Tàpies Foundation is located in Barcleona, Spain.

My interpretation:

Utilizing the popular 'cross' or 'T' from some of Tàpies' works on paper + additional markings and symbolism which expands from the meditative simplicity from my 'Enso' series of works on paper.


I am most inspired by Antoni Tàpies than any other artist and tribute the majority of works to the guidance I have received either as an art historian when I worked in the Antoni Tàpies Foundation in Barcelona or through synergy as an artist also connect to many of the conceptual themes in Tàpies' work, materials, and compositions.