So honored to return to Pompeii once a year and lecture for @smithsonian on Private & Public Life in Pompeii and Ancient Campania. I relish the opportunity to bring to life a city that very much requires imagination upon visiting today. From its infamous red light district to its grandeur houses and impressive home ownership/rental systems; forum, amphitheater, public baths & gladiator barracks; piping systems, water supply, duplex home-shops, fast food & mills - this city really had it all. We have learned so much about periods forgotten from the Ancient Roman Empire (or literally built over in Ancient Rome) due to the “freezing of time” in Pompeii: coins, trade, cuisine, religious & spiritual cults, cosmetics & female vanity culture from Egypt, cloths and even styles of art. Architectural & decorative styles in the homes & gardens is exquisite on the Campania coast. The many theories during excavations over the years that ponder topics such as the urban planning & voting ballot systems of this city (and this time in Ancient Rome) is nothing short of fascinating! I love this job. I get to travel to Italy multiple times a year and share the knowledge I so intensively acquired with culture-hungry individuals and it is so rewarding to see people fall in love with a place like this upon experiencing it for the first time. #pompeii #pompeiitaly #italytravel#ancientroman